NTPOG Weapon-R Intake Review

Author: Iain Peebles

Installation Impressions
The WeaponR intake sits in the same position as the stock airbox, but is composed of an exposed cone filter which allows for increased breathing. The filter is attached to a mandrel-bent, polished stainless steel intake pipe that replaces the stock tubing all the way back to the intake manifold. After removing the old, black plastic tubing and airbox, that shiny pipe made the rest of my engine look pretty grimy in comparison. It does look good in the engine bay, espicially if you have some other "shiny bits" to show off.

Performance Impressions
So how does it work? Well, Dianichi 6 claims that the WeaponR is good for about 9.5 HP over stock, right out of the box with no other mods. When I had my car dyno tested a couple of weeks ago, it was putting out an estimated 201 HP @ the flywheel (this is on a '98 Sportshift, stock rated @ 190 HP), with no other engine mods, which means I supposedly picked up 11 HP.

It does feel marginally quicker, especialy @ WOT, but when you think about it, it's only a 5% gain, so it isn't going to snap your head back. The only downside is what feels like a marginal decrease in torque in the bottom part of the powerband, which combined with owning an automatic makes mine feel a little slower off the line than stock. Again, only an enthusiast would probably notice the difference.

Overall Impressions
The best part of owning a WeaponR filter? It's the sound, man, it's LOUD. When I gunned it away from D6 that night, it startled me at first, how loud it was. I thought to myself "my wife is NEVER gonna go for this" (yes, I do care what my wife thinks, and it is half hers, according to Texas law), but as you get used to it, it starts to sound better and better. Now, I love the sound my car makes under WOT, especialy through an underpass or between buildings.

It sounds evil, like a performance car should. And the startled look on the face of the Boomer in the Vette next to me @ the light last Sunday was worth the price of admission! But under part throttle or @ cruising speed on the freeway, my car is almost as quiet as stock. Now that's stealth!

The verdict? If you are looking for a massive boost in HP, go buy yourself some nitrous. If you are looking for a little more power and a pleasing engine note (but not a particularly quiet one), you can't go wrong with WeaponR.

This page last updated 4/3/01.