NTPOG Tanabe Super-H Springs Review

Author: John Haley

Overall Impressions
These springs are what the 5th Generation Prelude should have come with in the first place. To explain that statement I should tell you that it's my opinion the Prelude, from the factory, is sprung a little too softly and has a little too much wheel gap to look truly "sporty." They feel stiff and responsive, but they're not so stiff that you immediately think "aftermarket springs" when you go over tiny bumps. They also fix the annoyingly large wheel gap by lowering the car by exactly 1" front and rear. A drop this small doesn't cause horrible camber problems, and there's virtually no chance of rubbing with stock tires. At the autocross, they definitely represent an advantage over the stock springs, by not only lowering the center of gravity but by also reducing squat, dive, and body roll. They're the perfect compromise for me, because I didn't like the stock springs, but I also don't like the slammed look and harsh ride. Also, with these springs on my car, and the new Eibachs on Billy's car, we were only 1/2 second apart, so there's not much question of performance. Installation was not a snap, but it was no harder than any other spring set, plus the Tanabes seem to run a little cheaper than comparable brands. For my tastes in looks, performance, and price, these springs satisfy all three criteria.

From left to right: Stock, Tanabe Super-H, Eibach Pro-Kit

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