NTPOG Russell Performance Brake Lines Review

Author: John Haley

I sent this message to the 5th Gen Mailing List a while back.  I don't feel that these things are worth writing much more about, so I'm just going to cut/paste my previous message.

Just a heads up to anyone considering buying these things... A few days ago someone mentioned (I forget who) that you can get them from Russell for $127... Jeg's is selling them for $89... Don't get them either way. If you've already got them, don't try to install them. My car is up on jackstands now because the russell fittings are incompatible with the honda fittings. The receiver on the Russell hose isn't threaded all the way down, and the Honda one is. What this means is that you'll try to tighten the fitting in, and then the Russell side runs out of thread before the flange makes contact, and since the fitting is such soft brass, you'll strip the shit out of threads before you even feel resistance. So, you can't tighten the bolt hard enough to attach the Russell hose, and now your fitting is stripped and won't go back on the stock hose, so you've got no brakes and your car is up on jackstands in Todd's garage... Do **NOT** buy or try to install Russell Performance part # 8464 -- even if it DOES say they're specifically for 97- Preludes..

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