NTPOG Neuspeed Race Springs Review

Author: Shawn Adams

Overall Impressions
I just recently made the move from stock springs to Neuspeed race lowering springs. I have never had a high rate performance spring on my car, so I was unsure what to expect. These springs really give you a very low stance, and it looks very aggressive. This much of a low stance probably wouldn't be good with an aggressive, or excessively low body kit.

Installation Impressions
The installation didn't look too difficult, but I had some friends helping who knew what they were doing. When we took off the stock springs I set them side by side and could not believe the difference in height. The stock springs looked to be around 2-3 inches taller. I was really worried that it might lower my car too much, and in some peoples' eyes it might have, but I like it. Taking off the stock springs proved to be a job for someone more experienced... especially since mine is the SH model, and the front suspension is a little more complicated than on the base model.

We took off the rear struts first.  When we got them off, it took about 10 minutes to disassemble each side with the help of a spring compressor. The Neuspeed springs went in place of the stock springs without any problems. We put the complete assembly back together, and re-attached them to the rear. Then we moved around to the front. These proved to be a lot more difficult than the rears. In the process of taking the front suspension apart, Billy noticed I was missing a nut from my passenger side control arm/fork assembly (this was the fault of Lute Riley Honda...look for my review on them for more on this). After finally getting both of the fronts off, we used the spring compressor (which was also a rather nice challenge) and again took off the stock springs, and replaced them with the Neuspeeds. Then we re-assembled everything and the front back together.

Performance Impressions
I took it out for the first drive, and noticed the ride was much more rough, and kind of bouncy (I'm still running stock dampers for now though). I pulled back around in front of the garage, and I admired the new appearance of my Lude. It lowered the car very nicely, and makes the lines on the body of the Lude stand out so much more...especially the front fenders. I also noticed that my front tires (55 series tires) are tucked about an inch, and the rear tires are tucked about half an inch. I love the new look it gives the car... in my honest opinion every Lude should be this low... VERY aggressive looking.

The real test though was the hour or so drive back to my house from where I was having them installed. I took a nice little drive through part of town at around 40MPH, and the ride was mildly stiffer, and not really noticeble. Then I got onto the highway, and was traveling about 60-65MPH.....that's when I realized just how much higher the spring rate is on these than on the stock springs. The ride, for someone who is not into performance (or who doesn't understand that you will sacrifice ride for performance) would probably be too harsh. The ride is stiff, and if you get onto a road with several whoop-de-whoops... so to say... you will almost bounce straight out of your seat (but keep in mind this is with stock dampers.)

The steering seems to be much more responsive, and less forgiving of sudden jerks, or quick changes... but it is stable, very sturdy, and puts you in much better control. Overall these springs give you a much better feel for the road, and it will help assist you in the handling department very well.

I would recommend these springs to anyone who is looking for an aggressive spring with a very low ride height.

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This page last updated 4/3/01.