NTPOG Neuspeed Front Upper Strut Bar Review

Author: John Haley

Overall Impressions
The Neuspeed upper tie bar is a fairly inexpensive modification that will give some noticeable improvement to the handling of your Prelude. I have had the bar on my car for almost two years now and it has not worn or bent in any way that I can tell. I feel the quality of the product has been excellent. For the money (~$100) you would be hard pressed to find a better suspension upgrade.

Installation Impressions
Installation was really starightforward. The only thing to be careful about was knocking the bolts into the wheelwells. I found it to fit very securely. The order I used to attatch was: rear passenger side, rear driver side, front passenger side, front driver side.

Performance Impressions
After installation, I found that my car turned with a bit more bite into the pavement. It seemed to take some of the shimmying out of the front end. When I had it off temporarily, I noticed that I had a much harder time getting the rear end to break loose, leading me to believe that the tie bar decreases the understeer a lot more than I had originally thought. Since all this bar does is stiffen up the chassis there are no negative side effects. (Unless you enjoy understeer.)

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This page last updated 4/3/01.