NTPOG Suspension Techniques Anti-Sway Bar Review

Author: William Howell

Initial Impressions
The first time I ordered these bars, I ordered them through a local garage who had an account with NOPI. Well, those guys at NOPI don't know jack, and they sent me a 52190 (Prelude 92-96) kit, thinking that it would fit. WRONG!! After waiting a couple of months for ST to release the 52192 (Prelude 97-99) kit, I was anxious to get the kit installed. Right away, I noticed something wrong. The front bar was missing the bushing brackets! No prob., I'll just give ST a call and have them sent out. When I contacted them, they were more than helpful, and sent out a new set of brackets free of charge. Other than that, the powder coating on the front bar was chipped, but I think that had more to do with UPS than ST.

Other than these oversights, the bars look like they are well engineered. They are both 1 inch solid bars, and they are very heavy. The hardware is adequate, but I didn't care for the washer supplied with the bushing brackets, so I went to Lowe's and bought some myself. I also bought some paint to cover the chips in the powder coat (damn UPS). The bushings are top notch polyurethane and ST supplies the lube for them.

Installation Impressions
Installation of the ST sway bars is quite involved and hardly a snap. To my delight, the bars fit perfectly. This is the first mod that I didn't have ANY fitment problems. I wasn't crazy about the rear bushing brackets because they didn't look all that great on the car (they stuck out a little from the flanges on the car, my gripe is purely aesthetic and has no bearing on performance). The front bar matches the stock bar almost exactly, and I had no clearance problems with the suspension arms, steering rack, or the catalytic converter. The rear bar looks very different from the stock bar. The stock bar has many more bends in it, the ST bar is much straighter. Nevertheless, it fits perfectly.

Here is a comparison of both sets of bars (front on the left, rear on the right):


Here is a comparison of the ends of the stock sway bar compared with the end of the ST sway bar:

Performance Impressions
After driving with the new sway bars for a few thousand miles, the suspension seems much tighter in the corners with reduced body roll. Very good things, indeed. Even better, there does not seem to be an deterioration of drivability. I can say without a doubt that the sway bars reduce body roll. The car is almost flat through the corners (keep in mind that I have Konis with Ground Controls, which help a lot with body roll also). Overall, a very good mod, and one that I would highly recommend to anyone wanting to autocross. Keep in mind that if you want to stay in G-Stock, you CANNOT modify the rear bar, only the front.

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