NTPOG Tanabe DTM-Medalion Review

Author: William Howell

Initial Impressions
I ordered my Dunlop SP9000s through the Tire Rack and within 3 days, I had four SP9000s sitting in my garage. The delivery time was top notch. My only complaint is that they didn't wrap the tires at all. All that they did was band the tires together in groups of two with plastic bands, and put shipping labels on each tire. Luckily I had them shipped FedEx. I am sure that if they were shipped UPS, there would have been damage of some sort.


Installation Impressions
Unless you are rich enough to have your own tire balancing and mounting machines, you will need to take them somewhere to be mounted and balanced. I took my car to a local Discount Tire. I think that any competent shop in your area would do the mounting and balancing even if you did not buy the tires from them. One place that I will definitely NOT recommend is National Tire and Battery (NTB). I have had more than one bad experience with them, so forget those guys.

Performance Impressions
One thing to be said for these tires is that they are the quietest tires that I have ever owned. After owning 2 sets of SP8000s and 3 sets of D40M2s, I was expecting the worst, but I was very pleasantly surprised. I noticed VERY quickly that these tires are extremely slick until they are broken in. However, you are very well rewarded after the tires are nice and scrubbed in. At the autocross, the tires handled admirably, and I noticed that the sidewalls are quite a bit stiffer than stock. John and I were running pressures lower than normal, but I was still running an average of 2 or 3 psi lower than him. Even with the added grip, the tires never rolled excessively. One word of advice, if you are planning to buy these for everyday tires, then you will have no problem. If you are wanting to autocross on these tires AND use them for daily driving, be prepared for these tires to wear out FAST. The compound is very, very soft and after one autocross, the wear on both front and rear tires was significant. For that reason, I bought some Kuhmo Victoracer autocross tires!

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