NTPOG 5th Gen Clearing the Rear Signals

Author: Evan Poole-Ford

Before You Start...
Clear signals and the bulbs you use in them may be covered under your state's DOT or Highway Patrol laws. We highly recommend calling your local agency before attempting this modification; once you perform it, you will have to replace the assemblies at great cost from Honda to reverse it. Depending on local law, you *may* be able to get away with a colored bulb.

What You Need
- Pair of needle nose pliers (preferably one long pair, one short pair)
- Soldering iron (with a tip you don't mind getting nasty)
- 8 mm socket/wrench
- Flat-head screwdriver

Clearing Them
First, you will need to pull back the trunk liner to access the rear lights. Most of the trunk clips can be released by tapping in the center; push the middle of the trunk clip, then lift it out of place. They can be re-used by spreading the prongs and forcing them back up. Once you get it in place, push the prong back to where it is flush with the clip.

Remove the rear trunk "shield" that's between the two light assemblies. There should be 2 trim clips on top (on either side) and then *maybe* one under the bottom trunk liner at the bottom. Some years didn't get this clip (?). Now remove the clips from the fuzzy liner just above each of the lights. You should be able to pull the carpet back far enough to expose the backside of the lights and the nuts that attach them. Use the 8 mm driver/wrench to remove them (should be six, total):

Disconnect the wiring to the lights, and pull the housing free. You should be able to see into the housing like so:

Using the soldering iron, *carefully* (so as not to melt the bulb mounting flange) start melting lines into the yellow plastic. You should also be careful to not go all the way through the clear portion on the other side. The best method we've seen is to melt a series of lines, from each of the 4 corners in towards the center. It might also help to make a horizontal line on each side towards the middle. It's not necessary to go all the way through the plastic- you'll be able to break it apart with the pliers when you're done.

Once you are done melting the plastic, you can take the needle nose pliers and start breaking the pieces up. As you break them, be careful not to scratch the reflective portion of the housing (too badly). Once you're done, you should have several pieces that look like this:

Once you finish removing the pieces, you should be done. You might be able to go back with the iron and clean up the edges a bit. Do this for both housings, then reassemble them... you should now be all set!

This page last updated 4/3/01.