NTPOG 5th Gen Stock Intake Removal

Author: Todd Marcucci

Intake Pipe
Loosen the intake pipe at the throttle body connection, and using a pair of pliers, remove the breather hose clamps at the hose and the valve cover.

The breather hose is quite frankly a bitch to remove. It took a small flathead screwdriver, a little effort, and a LOT of patience to get it off of the valve cover. Notice that the two connecting pipes are welded together; we recommend against removing the second since it's the coolant line to the throttle body. Simply disconnect the two ends of the breather pipe and you will be instructed later on what to do with them :)

Once the breather hose is take care of, "unsnap" the smaller hoses/wires that are clipped to the main pipe. It should then slide off the throttle body flange, and "unsnap" from the intake housing. Congratulations, you've accomplished the easiest part of the project.

Housing Removal
Start by undoing the 4 hold-down clips for the intake body (filter box). Remove the top and remove the filter. Using your ratchet, a 10 mm socket, and your 6" extension, remove the following bolt from the housing body:

At this point you should be able to pull upwards on the housing and remove it; there is a press-fit, thick rubber gasket between the down-pipe and the sheet metal, so it's a little tough. Just work it out and try not to get too physical with it.  You should have something that looks like this now:

You can also yank out the rubber gasket, that is, if it didn't come out with the upper box. Now you're ready to remove the resonator.

Remove the Resonator?
Removing the resonator isn't "required," though it's mass and weight that's not necessary. There's no reason you can't skip that step altogether and just install your intake from here. If you are leasing or plan to sell the vehicle soon, you may want to leave it in to avoid having to re-install it later. Or you might want to remove, and not worry about putting it back in when you sell it- it's all up to you. The stock intake works fine w/o the resonator, and the aftermarket intake works just fine with it in.

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This page last updated 4/3/01.