NTPOG 5th Gen Aftermarket Intake Installation

Author: Todd Marcucci

Before Installing...
Not all intakes are alike... look over yours and make sure that you don't need to do anything to it; test fitting it is a good idea. In this installation, the intake was painted blue to match the brake calipers that were painted a few weeks earlier.

One peculiarity of the Iceman, from its 4th-Gen origins, is that the hose fitting to the valve cover breather interferes with the ignition coil. To minimize this, the fitting was trimmed down. Here is a "before" and "after" shot:


This will allow the hose to fit with only a slight amount of rubbing (but no sharp bends).

There's not too much to say after this- you pretty much just "plug in" your new intake. For the Iceman, the following point was used for the mounting bracket (circled in green):

The bracket that came with the intake (being from the 4th Gen) was bent to install it in this location. The author wasn't able to find a suitable location without bending the bracket.

The Iceman is then relatively simple- slide the large rubber coupler over the throttle body opening, slide the intake into it, bolt the intake to the bracket, then clamp on the filter. If you opted for a cold-air intake, this is where you will need to snake the extension down into the area where the resonator was and clamp on the filter. Depending on the intake that you bought, you may need to widen the hole in the body to get down to that area. One of the easiest ways to do this is to hammer at it with a long block of wood. The metal is fairly thin. You can also cut it with a sawz-all, dremel, or carbide cutting bit. Keep in mind you need to file it smooth otherwise the metal will cut into your intake over time. I would also recommend that you line the opening with a piece of thick rubber fuel line slit up the side (basically line the edge of the cut metal). Also, don't tighten down the hose clamps too far (to strip or bend), but enough to be snug. Be sure to reconnect the breather hose on the valve cover. Remember the old (stock) breather hose? Well, if you leave the old hose on the metal pipe (the two metal hoses that are tacked together) you can just let it rest against the valve cover next to the real one. Another small note, the Iceman doesn't come with new hose clamps- we hope that you saved those stock ones!!!

Your end product should look something like this:

Easy, huh? Well, we hope that this was helpful... if not, or if you have suggestions, please feel free to email the author with any comments.

This page last updated 4/3/01.