NTPOG 5th Gen Intake Installation

Author: Todd Marcucci

Before You Start...
Be it knownst that NTPOG isn't responsible for your own intelligence (or lack thereof). Practice common sense when working with power tools (or non power tools for that matter) and around jacks, lifts, etc. NEVER get under a vehicle that isn't supported by at least 2 jack stands AND a floor jack. You should also buy a pair of wheel chocks and get to know them well. That being said...

Which Intake?
We aren't going to tell you which intake to buy. Several manufacturers such as DC Sports, AEM, Knight Engineering, etc., all make intakes for the 5th Gen (or any Gen for that matter). Try to read up on articles, talk to friends, look at our dyno plots... regardless of which intake you choose (or have chosen), the installation procedure will be roughly the same. Where possible, do's/don'ts and oddities of certain brands will be mentioned.

The installation shown on these pages is of a Knight Engineering Iceman (Street setup) on a 1999 base model 5th Gen. All 5th gen years ('97-'01) should be the same, and the installation for the 5th gen is almost identical to that of the 4th gen Prelude (with the exception of screw locations).

If you've opted not to buy an intake, and just want to remove the resonator, skip directly to Resonator Removal.

What's First?
Well, buying an intake would be a good place to start- we'll assume you have already done that. Try to set aside a few hours, have a clean, well lit work area (or a good work light), floor jack, stands, chocks, and a full array of tools. No special tools should be required aside from a metric socket set (w/6" extension). SOME intakes, such as the AEM cold air setup, might require some hammering, filing, or cutting of the intake passage in the body sheet metal. Other models like the Iceman cold-air do not. You should contact the vendor or refer to their instructions to verify this.

You will need to jack up the vehicle to remove the resonator (about 10-12"). Chock the rear wheels, set the parking brake, and jack the vehicle up from the front tow hook location. Let it down on jack stands placed under the normal Honda spare tire jack locations, behind each front wheel. Don't forget to put wheel chocks behind the rear wheels, just in case. Pop the hood, and you should see something similar to this:

We'll be taking the following steps:
- Remove stock intake body & pipe
- Remove resonator
- Remove resonator butterfly controller
- Install Iceman bracket, pipe, and filter


This page last updated 4/3/01.