NTPOG 5th Gen Rear Deck Replacement

Author: John Haley

Before You Start...
Be it knownst that NTPOG isn't responsible for your own intelligence (or lack thereof). Practice common sense when working with power tools (or non power tools for that matter) and around jacks, lifts, etc. NEVER get under a vehicle that isn't supported by at least 2 jack stands AND a floor jack. You should also buy a pair of wheel chocks and get to know them well. That being said...

You've got a base Prelude and you had the dealer install the factory rear spoiler because the car looks better with it. Now you're stuck with a center brake light inside the car. If you're lucky, the dealer was smart enough to disconnect it, if not, you've got two center brake lights (the original PLUS the one on the spoiler).. that doesn't look quite right either way.

Definitely looks better this way.

What to do?
Of course, you can always just pop the vestigal center brake light out, but that leaves a big hole in the deck that looks worse than before. The answer is to get the rear deck from the TypeSH Prelude. The SH's come with the spoiler so they were never intended to have interior center brake lights.. thus their rear decks don't have holes for them. The SH rear deck is available from Manchester Honda for $47.74 + shipping. Their part # is 529555 and they call it "Tray, RR."

How To Do It
The first thing you need to do is to take out the center brake light. Just push it toward the window. It pops rearward and you can pull it diagonally out towards you -- careful not to scratch your tint if you've got it. This is where you might have to disconnect it from its Molex-style plug if the dealer was dumb enough to leave it hooked up. Next, drop the rear seat to expose the narrow plastic trim piece that runs across the top of the trunk pass-through. It's got a little lip on the lower edge, so you'll need to peel it away from the metal. Then pull out several trim pins and remove the whole piece. You should be left with this:

Next, you'll have to pull off both of those big plastic pieces that cover the C-pillars. The spring clips are really strong, so try not to leave any white "stress marks" in the plastic as you pull off the piece. This is what it will look like:

Then, pop out the little plastic ring that goes around the trunk lock on the rear deck itself. Now pop out the rear speaker grilles. They're also held in with spring clips, and I've found that it's actually easier to use a pair of needle-nose pliers and push the clips out from the underside.

Next, pop out the little plastic retaining pins that hold the trim pieces on either side of the opening for the pass-through (there's only one for each side). Then pull the trim piece toward you as you pull the edge of the deck upward (and out from behind the trim piece). You're left with this:

You'll notice that there's a metal clip in the very center of the front edge of the underside of both decks. There's a white plastic pin that slides into the metal and attaches through a hole in the body below the deck. It may or may not have come out with the deck. Remove it either from the body or the deck (depending on where it ended up) and slide it into the metal clip on the new deck. There is also a metal piece on the underside of the rear of the deck. It's actually a little tongue that has to slide into a groove in the body right at the edge of the window.

Position the new deck approximately where it should be, and then slide the tongue into the groove to lock the rear of the deck into place. Then pull the trim pieces forward again and tuck the new deck back behind them. Push the white plastic pin into place to lock down the front of the deck. Then re-assemble the interior in the opposite order in which you took it apart.

It took me longer to type these instructions than it should take you to perform this mod... it's really simple.

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This page last updated 2/26/03.