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To view a movie, simply click on it and your operating system should bring up the appropriate viewer. Windows users can right-click on the filename and save to disk to view later. Most AVIs are Indeo5 with Microsoft MS-ADPCM audio (22khz 8bit Mono), some are saved using the MPEG4 compressor. If you have trouble viewing the movies, try installing Indeo 5 for Win 95/98 by clicking here. You can also get the latest drivers for your any Microsoft operating system from http://www.microsoft.com. The MPEGs should work with any version Windows Media Player and the RM's with Real Player available from http://www.real.com. Please download only one file at a time- we do not have unlimited bandwidth!


Filename Size Description
tws-CW.rm 5.5MB David R. at Texas World, running a few laps clockwise (backwards!).
hallett0902-02.avi 29MB Todd running a few laps at Hallett in his S2k.
hallett0902-03.avi 15.6MB Some more of the above.
hallett0902-04.avi 28.7MB Some more of the above.


Filename Size Description
bmw0802-01.rm 1.8MB Todd at the August BMW event, taking Justin for a ride.
bmw0802-02.rm 1.7MB Same as above, solo, but done right (fastest!).
greg1.mpg 12.4MB Same course as above, but Greg in his S2k (much faster!!!).
greg2.mpg 17MB Same as above, but... well, download and see why he was MUCH slower in this one!
bmw0802-06.rm 2.1MB Some out-of-car footage from the above BMW event.
greg3.mpg 18.9MB Greg in his S2k at the Sept. BMW Event...
greg4.mpg 16.9MB Same as above, but the RIGHT way to do it!
greg5.mpg 17.3MB BUMPER CAM! Check it out!!!
bmw00_04.avi 21.4MB Todd at one of the BMW club's more "offroad" courses, showing how grass plus dirt equals LOW TRACTION.
bmw00_05.avi 20MB Same as above, but executed correctly.
bmw00_06.avi 29.5MB Todd performing a near-360 at a BMW event.
bmw00_07.avi 24MB Same as above but with MUCH better results (and some nice rotation).
bmw00_08.avi 23.2MB Same as the above two with a better time and pretty impressive save at the end.
bmw00_09.avi 23.5MB Another BMW event, another impressive save... with an impressive spin right after that.
bmw00_02.rm 2.2MB Todd at a local BMW autocross. Rumor has it that Blair designed this course while drunk- see what you think.
PCA_CIVIC2.MOV 8.6MB This is John O' in his Integra TypeR powered Civic hatchback. A birds-eye view of excellent driving on a somewhat cramped and unimaginative course.
TAMSCC00_01.AVI 12MB Here's one of Todd at Texas A&M.
TAMSCC00_02.AVI 12.1MB This is the same as above, 'cept John H's driving. And destroying 2nd gear.
TAMSCC00_03.AVI 12MB Same track as the above two, but a great example of John H's driving and Todd wishing he could duplicate it.
bmw01.avi 16MB Todd with a clean run at a local BMW autocross on a course affectionately known as the Mineral Ring. An excellent example of a Mineral Wells BMW event, and how the 5th gen Prelude performs at high speed... about 100 mph in the back straight!
bmw02.avi 16MB Same as above, but more clean, and without the commentary.
scca02.avi 9MB This is a neat aerial view of John O' at a local Equipe Rapide autocross- a good example of a track at Pennington Field in Bedford. It's a great run that shows just what a 4th gen can do under the right direction.
scca01.avi 9MB Here is an in-car shot of the same track as above, but with Todd driving his 5th gen.
tamscc02.avi 18MB A rather entertaining clip of Todd at a Texas A&M autocross experiencing *massive* oversteer. Never run race tires (225/50-16) up front and street tires (205/50-16) in back on a 5th gen. Features include a nice almost-180 and a "save" at the very end that made the run look better than it was!

Track Events

Filename Size Description
bboys.rm 11.3MB David R
FERRARICHASE.MPG 20MB A lap with David R. at TWS, tailgating and then passing a Ferrari!
PIECEOFCAKE.RAM 9.6MB David R ripping it up some more!
TWS0700_01.AVI 15.3MB Todd at Texas World Speedway, watching Porsches wipe out.
TWS0901_01.AVI 41MB More of Todd at Texas World Speedway, This time in his new S2000!
TWS0901_02.AVI 44MB More of the same.
TWS0901_03.AVI 41MB And still more.
TWS0901_04.AVI 40MB Yet again.
msr0602-01.rm 3.5MB Todd at MSR during "Passing Miata Day." :)
msr0602-02.rm 3MB Same event as above...

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