NTPOG Autocross Pictures


All if the images presented here are original images from NTPOG members. Please do not use them for any purpose without the express consent of NTPOG.

Mark hits full deflection on his
Eibachs near the last turn.

Ryan lined up on the grid.

John and Billy staging up

Ryan's tell-tale intercooler peeking through the grill.

Billy sets up for a tight turn.

John's tires.. Guess which one was on the front.

John cutting a hard turn.

Transition from offsets to a box-turn.

Cooling off after our runs at Pennington Field.

John O'Keefe drifting through a turn.

Russell Savage snaking through a tight part.

Iain's dirty engine :)

Todd taking a breather on the straightaway.

O'Keefe almost lifting his front tire.

Iain screaming for the finish line.

Failed Mineral Wells event. Oscar was taking pic, Billy didn't want to wait.

Billy's rolling advertisement platform.

O'Keefe's magic-recording camera.

Russell sets the fashion..  Not blue suede shoes, but close.

Glenn helps pick up the cones after the April BMW Autocross, hey, it's easier than carrying them, right?

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